QR-Patrol Mobile Application

Ideal for security guards

Security guards have to accomplish three basic tasks:

  • Scan checkpoints according to a predefined schedule
  • Communicate regularly¬†with the Alarm Monitoring Center
  • Getting overall control over the assets he is patrolling

QR-Patrol guard mobile application is a unique tool available on a smartphone which helps the security guard to automate his daily work, gain confidence, ensure security status via pressing buttons on his smartphone screen and save time.

QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. - Mobile patrol management

Ideal for guard tour admins and clients

The ultimate tool for any guard tour administrator that needs to keep an eye on guard tours even if he is on road and outside office. It includes several unique features:

  • Incident Reporting
  • Full patrol details including scanned and missed checkpoints
  • Detailed reports about any client's site
  • Real-time notifications without press on Refresh button

QR-Patrol web application

Ideal for guard tour managers and clients

In order to manage patrols efficiently, assign checkpoints to client's sites, monitor guard's activities and organize schedules and routes, QR-Patrol web application is your best choice. Several levels of user role management, detailed and advanced filtered reports with export options, schedule automation, checkpoints management and sites administrations are some of the core features of QR-Patrol web application.

QR-PTT - Push to talk notifications

Ideal for security guards

QR-PTT application is an easy to use PTT over IP client developed for Security Guards communication and co-workers interaction. It includes a bunch of new features:

  • Communication via secure SSL encryption
  • Superior voice quality
  • Working through 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi networks
  • Run in background mode
  • Simulation of Walkie Talkie functionality
  • Specially designed for QR-Patrol users