Tour Guard Softwares

Security has changed drastically over the past 10 years with the emergence of technology and what seems to be a growing amount of threats. Today’s security services need to be connected, efficient, and immediately responsive. Moving officer operations online not only increases productivity, it reduces risks, improves quality and delivers real-time information.


Keeping officers engaged and accountable for their daily activities enables them to provide better services and increases Officer Capabilities. Intuitive and customizable mobile templates allow officers to quickly complete incident reports, accomplish guard tours, and other common duties through technology.

Differentiate your security service offering and give customers what they really want, peace of mind. All activity data, trend reporting, and notifications can be provided to your customers through web and mobile platforms keeping your clients connected and increasing the value of your services.

Help manage security officer operations with Tour Guard Softwares

Improve productivity, reduce costs, and manage your workforce more effectively by automating internal processes through web and mobile technology.

Customizable incident alerting software streamlines the entire process and enforces consistency using messages that include multimedia and text. 

Guard Tours & Patrols - Scan NFC/RFID tag checkpoints at strategic site locations using mobile technology sending real-time updates via email.

Online post order management allows management to distribute officer instructions seamlessly in real-time and document compliance. 

Eliminate paper reports and centralize information online. Capture or schedule officer activities in real-time from any site.
Locate officers online at any time and dispatch appropriately for an alarm response or medical emergency based on proximity and availability.
Send immediate assistance notifications for emergency situations triggered by falls, device impacts or other criteria. 

 Collect, retain and organize training records and certifications to warn of critical recertification dates, identify site or organization training requirements and track contract compliance specifications.
Inspections & Quality Assurance - Supervisors responsible for site inspections can utilize a comprehensive set of features on a smartphone platform to effectively manage officer compliance and performance.

Track and register all visitors within an organized online platform to adhere to visitor management processes and policy requirements. 

Easily capture time and attendance data for accurate payroll processing, labor law compliance, and insight into workforce productivity. 

For specific scenarios, custom features can be built for existing products based on a scope of work and the applicability of the enhancement for the community of Trackforce customers.